I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Since I haven’t been posting pictures I don’t really know what to do with this blog. Anybody have ideas?

Anonymous asked: imredheaded(.)tumblr(.)com/post/35219376792/apparently-a-couple-of-photos-of-me-were-posted#notes omg! OMG!! OH MY GOD!! IT'S YOU!! YOU ARE "DREAMY BUTT"!!!! I have this pic saved for ages, and I fap to it basically every fucking day! Seriously, I have stared at your butt for hours. It's the most perfect, delicate, smooth, cute boy butt in the world!! It sucks that you're American and straight :(. Anyways, thank you for your tushie *-*

:o Thanks and no problem haha. Sorry to disappoint otherwise though

Anonymous asked: I think I want to see that rubber video too. Let me know what I need to do to see it

Just send me a message off of anon

Anonymous asked: Okay, so when is the jack-off-in-a-rubber & show us how full it is video going to show? Can hardly - and I am hard - wait to see. I know it is going to be fun.

I have done this one, but you’re gonna have to come off of anon to ask for the link because I dont think I want to post it >.>

Anonymous asked: I'm wondering how long you would need to wait and hold off ejaculating before you have a nocturnal emission. 3days? 5 days? Have you tried waiting?

I don’t think I could ever wait long enough for this to happen. I have gone a week before, but I just wake up with the hardest erection ever. Worse still I end up getting random erections throughout the day and it becomes very problematic.

Anonymous asked: Haven't heard from you in a month or so. Anything new?

No new pictures or anything, I might have another video or two up on xhamster but otherwise nothing. I am not too happy with how I look right now (I gained some weight because I have a thyroid issue I am working with) and haven’t had time to go to the gym to get back into shape.

Hoping to get working out soon, time has been very tight though.

Anonymous asked: I've seen you compare yourself to Peter North. I gotta tell you, he doesn't come close to your skills. Your shots go much farther and seem to be much more in volume! I wish I could see more videos of you doing your magic.

Haha, thanks. Any time I name drop Peter North it is more as advertising using his name than a true comparison.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever try anal stimulation? Maybe in the next video you can try to fingering or insert something...i'm saying this because first it feels wierd, but after it feels good and make you cum much more! Will you do for your fans? ;D

I haven’t, but not sure if that is my cup of tea.

Anonymous asked: I still hope that you will let us watch you jack-off with a condemn and then show how full it is. Hot, hot hot . . .

I have done this, but I dont know how good of a video it is. Should I upload it?

Interesting when you see somebody else posted your photo and it got more notes than the original o.o

Interesting when you see somebody else posted your photo and it got more notes than the original o.o

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