I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!
No love for the suit stuff, huh? Alright.

No love for the suit stuff, huh? Alright.

Anonymous asked: Cute face (what I can see), a beautiful cock and cumshot for the record books. I like what I see.

Haha, thanks :)

Hope you continue to like what you see!

Anonymous asked: Do you shave you balls? They look very smooth in these pics

I do from time to time, yes. It has been a couple weeks now though I think.

I just don’t know…

I just don’t know…

Something feels different in this suit…

Something feels different in this suit…

What is the general consensus on men wearing suits? Good thing? What about suits with… a twist?

Also, as always I am open to any questions :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever cum into a measurement cup to see how much you can cum? Do you think you can make a video on that? Would love to see how much you can produce.

Best I have ever attempted to measure is when I came into a condom, and I don’t think I cum as well when a condom is on. It was 15mL when I emptied it out of curiosity. I could never cum directly into a measuring cup though, I think too much would splash back out haha

Anonymous asked: How did you stumble upon male multiple orgasms?

Curiosity on what my limits were I suppose. I always want to know just how far I can go and what I can do. When I finally do have sex I want to intimately know how much I can do because I want the other person to be supremely happy with the experience.

kik… let’s see what happens

My kik username is (of course): imredheaded

Multiple orgasm from YOUR point of view?