I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Anonymous asked: Are you from the UK?

Nope, Texas.

Anonymous asked: What college do you attend? What is your major?

Computer Science is my major, which college I attend is probably a bit too close to home.

How many to post…

How many to post…

Got a few fleshlight gifs

Got a few fleshlight gifs

Anonymous asked: The soft to hard view - was that real time or fast forward? I love that view, could there be another? Also, the stair series are awesome. Thanks for sharing yourself so itimately, I feel honored!!

:) Glad you liked them! Depending on which one you are talking about it is either 2x or 3x speed.

Anonymous asked: I love how you body is relatively hairless. Do you need to shave your face regularly, every so often or hardly at all?

Actually isn’t hairless, it is a very light color that tends to blend in very well. I shave my face every 2-3 days.

Anonymous asked: Wow, you have a nice body. You must get laid every day with that cock of yours. How do you shoot that far?

:D Thanks! I can only wish I got laid. I don’t really know how I shoot as far as I do though. I have always been a shooter and it seems to be going further and further as of late.


Added a few links at the top to make getting around and seeing what you want to see a bit easier. Should be pretty explanatory but just in case:

Ass - Goes to ass pics/gifs

Penis - Goes to stuff with a penis in it

Cumshots - Goes to stuff with cumshots in it

What people have asked - Things that anonymous have asked (always happy to answer more questions!)

Everything - Ass, penis, and cumshots (but no questions)

Anonymous asked: In the pic of you walking down the stairs, it looks like you have brown hair. And you have bright red pubes?

My hair color changes a lot with lighting and whether I am using hair gel or not. Wearing gel it gets to be a bit darker, without it is a bit brighter. It also changes when it is longer compared to shorter (darker when longer). When I got my hair cut once, the stylist said my haircolor is called copper blonde, if you are interested in seeing the color without blocks it looks similar to what google images brings up.

Anonymous asked: You are legitimately one of the hottest guys I've seen on here, jesus christ.

:o <3 thanks!