I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Anonymous asked: Aww! You should keep trying, I bet it would even shoot farther than your regular cumshots. ;p

My room is only so big! I will probably try a little bit more at least. Though I may regret it if I end up needing a ladder to clean the ceiling.

Anonymous asked: Have you tried the men squirting technique yet? Would love to see a video of you squirting.

I tried it once but I end up cumming then the direct head of my penis is too sensitive to keep going myself. I need another person to do it for me to give it a real shot!

Anonymous asked: I bet that huge volley of cum tastes delicious

Well maybe you should come to Houston and maybe you can find out yourself!

Anonymous asked: I am in awe at how far you can shoot and the volume of cum.

:D a pleasurable experience

Anonymous asked: You can cum all over me! I'll beg! Mouth open.

If I wasn’t horny enough already! It is my dream to find somebody like this! No doubt I would have a leg shaking orgasm after the begging began. Has me hard just thinking about it.

I really want to cum on somebody :\

Having to use two towels to keep it off the floor…


And…. the video from the gifs. Only 1 angle though.

The fleshlight video that has sound. Reblogging for somebody. I had to upload it to xtube because xhamster wasn’t posting it and it was too long for tumblr.

Should I make more from this angle… or change it up a bit

Anonymous asked: I really wish you would post a video that includes you grunting when you cum

I am not much of a grunter really. The fleshlight video I posted a long while back has sound though and I let out some noise at the very end of the video