I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Anonymous asked: How long do you edge for? Also, do you edge throughout the day, or only when you're masturbating?

Usually around 30-45 minutes, and only when I am masturbating. There have been times when I have gone longer, but for some reason I don’t cum as hard with the multi-hour sessions.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering... do you have any recommendations for shooting the way you do? Particularly how far you shoot? Nothing turns me on more than shooting half way across the room, especially if it goes fast and the volume is thick!

Stay hydrated, edge if you don’t already. People say kegel’s help as well but I don’t do them. I think because I have been edging for so many years now my distance has been gradually building because when I was younger it didn’t shoot quite as far.

Anonymous asked: Hey dude. I've been watching your multiple orgasms videos both on tumblr and Xhamster and I gotta say, "Nice!" Anyway, I've noticed that you stop right before you cum in order to get 'partial' cumshots. I've saw others do that on the web in their multiple orgasms too. However, I noticed that their cum just leaks out, while yours actually shoots out instead of oozing/leaking out. Can I ask how you do it? For both multi-cumming and shooting them instead of oozing them out? Thanks.

You are right in the technique, you stop basically right before/as you orgasm. I can’t explain the ooze/shooting though, maybe I just stop at the exact right moment and they stop just a bit too early? I know when I was first learning, I tended to ooze more.

Anonymous asked: Here's a question: You have anonymity if you don't show your face. Will you PLEASE post more pictures???? Please?

Maybe… now that I am actually exercising should I post like weekly progress shots?

Anonymous asked: How did you make it so you shoot so much cum? Is it natural or what?

Yea, it is natural. Edging helps out though

Wonder if there is anybody from Houston?

I am bored, lonely and horny. Help me pass the time and ask me things! Please!

Anonymous asked: I've literally fingered myself every night to your blog.

:o Was hoping to not masturbate tonight, but reading that has me hard… such a predicament… very happy you enjoy it! :D

So first night of weight lifting class was the other day. Before class begins a guy comes in and is loud and annoyingly cocky. There are probably 5 or 6 women in the class and they are all quite pretty. Of course he sits next to them and chats them up a bit. Then he said something that was just absolutely idiotic and I was surprised nobody said anything when he said it. He said, “so shouldn’t you girls be taking yoga or something instead of weight lifting?”

All I could do is facepalm and shake my head.