I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Anonymous asked: I've seen you compare yourself to Peter North. I gotta tell you, he doesn't come close to your skills. Your shots go much farther and seem to be much more in volume! I wish I could see more videos of you doing your magic.

Haha, thanks. Any time I name drop Peter North it is more as advertising using his name than a true comparison.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever try anal stimulation? Maybe in the next video you can try to fingering or insert something...i'm saying this because first it feels wierd, but after it feels good and make you cum much more! Will you do for your fans? ;D

I haven’t, but not sure if that is my cup of tea.

Anonymous asked: I still hope that you will let us watch you jack-off with a condemn and then show how full it is. Hot, hot hot . . .

I have done this, but I dont know how good of a video it is. Should I upload it?

Interesting when you see somebody else posted your photo and it got more notes than the original o.o

Interesting when you see somebody else posted your photo and it got more notes than the original o.o

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever videoed the muscle under your nut sack as you cum? If possible, I'd love to see it

Not the muscle itself, no.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any new videos? We'd love to see a video of you cumming after edging for more than a day or two.

I think I put a few up onto my xhamster since the last video, but I haven’t posted them here. I don’t think most people like them that much so I kinda stopped posting them here.

Anonymous asked: Any luck on the girlfriend scene? you updated a while back saying you had a few irons in the fire

I pretty much decided I am going to wait until I get my own place and go off to university. So no real luck sadly.

Anonymous asked: You seem to be on the young side. I think i mid-twenties somewhere. How old were you when you jerked off for the first time? Did you have eruptions then like you do now? Could you shoot 4-5 feet your first time? Thanks!

Honestly I can’t even remember my first experience masturbating (maybe when I was 15 or 16?). For as long as I can remember I have been shooting a good distance though, but in the last couple of years it seems to be going farther.

Anonymous asked: I'd love to see more pictures of your red haired cock. Better yet, more videos of you shooting sperm. Any chance of close ups when you shoot? Best scenario would be my pussy on one side of your bed with you shooting from the other. We'd see how good your aim is.

I do happen to have one more video I just uploaded… too bad you weren’t there though. I like challenges