I am back

Just a tumblr that will have a lot of pics/gifs of me. I am a 26 year old male. I love messages/submissions!

Anonymous asked: You should make another fleshlight video with multiple angles. That would be awesome.

I was actually thinking of doing this with the one that I already had made, since I never released the video of the second angle. Sadly, it looks like it was on the hard drive that died :(

The next time I get the house to myself though, I will definitely give it a shot. May even try fancy editing to combine the two angles over the scene.

Not the best, but one of the few that you can actually see it go behind me

Anonymous asked: Do you post often on /SOC/? If not, you should post more often with pics. There are plenty of dick threads just waiting for your arrival.

I used to post there pretty often, but I cut back a huge amount over the last few months. Every now and again I pop in and make a thread though. I don’t really take many dick pics though, hard to take a good dick pic.

Anonymous asked: Your tumblr has gotten me so wet and horny. I can't do anything drastic about it because my roommate is in the room, but I'm discreetly playing with my clit under the covers. I can't help it, watching you fuck that fleshlight. Oh my God.

Reading something like this is what keeps me going. It turns me on so incredibly much to know that you are playing with yourself because of me. The fact you are doing it discreetly with somebody there makes it even hotter! I wish I could see! Try not to make a sound ;)

Anonymous asked: Watch out...if you get Imgur people in here you might have to chug ketchup or include cats on your images or vid uploads lol

Haha, only very few were told about this. The rest just saw one butt pic. Seriously though, who would’ve thought a butt pic would get that attention from imgur?

Anonymous asked: Oh I wish my face and mouth were one of your towels

I would love this too, actually.

I really did not expect this much to happen from imgur

So I am a diabetic, I am sure most don’t know this. Well, I learned today that type 1 diabetics usually have much sweeter semen when compared to a normal guy. So I got that going for me… anybody want a taste?

Anonymous asked: Great close up of you EXPLODING! I don't think I ever noticed your pleasure trail going up your stomach.

Thanks :)

Yea the pleasure trail I think doesnt usually show up that well on camera lol

Close up action!